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Basic course in Nordic skating. Part 2/2. Training trip

The aim ofthe training trip

The training trip for the beginners' course corresponds to the newcomers' trip of the SRL. Completion of the training expedition will enable you to participate in the guided expeditions organised by both the Helsinki Skaters' Association and the SRL throughout the winter. Those who have completed the SRL Newcomer's Lecture can participate in the Helsinki Skydiving outing and vice versa.

Content of the excursion

At the beginning of the tour, the obligatory skating equipment is reviewed and adjustments can be made.

During the excursion you will learn skating techniques, how to use safety equipment, how to explore the ice and how to go on an excursion.

During the excursion, you will enjoy the peace and quiet of nature and the thrill of skating, and take a break in a scenic location.

Conditions for participation

To participate in a training excursion, you must

  • compulsory equipment, either your own or hired (see below).

  • Completion of the theory part of the Helsinki Backcountry Skiing Basic Training (or an equivalent SRL theory lecture).

  • Rental equipment is also available (+49€). If you need individual rental equipment, you can book it through the top menu of this online shop. To be on the safe side, please let us know by email or SMS which day you are booking for.

  • Any illness or inclination that may affect your participation in the event should be notified in advance.

Priority for the training trip will be given to those who have completed the theory section of the Helsinki Skaters' Association. Those who have completed the theory section of the SLR may also register.

Demanding nature of the trip

The tour is not particularly demanding. The main focus is on exercises. However, the participant should be able to skate continuously for about 1 hour or 10 km. Skating skills and endurance should be honed on ice rinks if necessary.

Dressing for the outing

It is advisable to dress appropriately for the excursion. You can ensure that you are warm by wearing layers, but you can also dress lighter if necessary. We recommend a base layer, wool or fleece jacket, windproof trousers and jacket, gloves and a hat.

For skating comfort, it is essential that shoes have a high and sturdy ankle. Traditional ski mountaineering boots and soft-ankled hiking boots are not suitable for backcountry skiing.

Mandatory equipment, which can also be rented from Helsinki Retkkiluistel

● Hiking skis and suitable footwear

● ice scales and whistle

● backpack with hip belt, crotch strap and carabiner

● a throwing rope

● trekking poles

● a complete change of clothes in a waterproof pack, a towel

● lunch and a hot drink

A list of recommended accessories will be sent in the registration return email

Skating area. Location. Conditions.

Particularly safe ice will be selected for the skating area.

We prefer to skate in the stunning seascapes of East Helsinki. The starting point is Helsinki Skating's premises at Kallvikinniementie 35, 00980 Helsinki. Google Maps

You can leave your car at the P-park of the Culture Centre Sofia. Walk behind a light-coloured brick building, turn left and walk along the beach for about 50 m. Here you will find the Helsinki Retkiluistelu offices, toilets (at the beginning and end of the tour) and a sheltered place to adjust your equipment.

Please note that expedition skating is always done on nature's terms. Due to circumstances, the starting point or time may sometimes have to be moved. This happens very rarely.

Any changes will be communicated by separate message. Please follow the email before you leave.

Duration of the excursion:

Approximately 3 hours


Helsinki Hiking Instructor.

Guidance language:

Finnish (our guide is also able to teach in Swedish and English. See Nordic skating education)

Sports benefits: the excursion can also be paid for with sports benefits, Epass and Smartum directly through the online shop.

Ask for the Edenred user guide by e-mail.