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Basic course in Nordic skating. Part 1/2. Theory in English

The basic course teaches you how to skate on natural ice.

The theory part of the basic course covers the basics of Nordic skating under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

The theory part of the course will prepare you to participate in the final part of the course, the Koulutusretki, Practice on ice.

THEORY (Zoom approx. 3h)


  • In the theory section, the basic knowledge of Nordic skatingis reviewed in detail.

  • The theory part of the basic course corresponds to and is compatible with the beginners' lecture "Tulokaskurssi" by Suomen Retkiluistelijat (SRL).

  • The theory part prepares the participant for the Practice on ice,"Koulutusretki", after which he or she can take part in the tour by Helsingin Retkiluistelijat and SRL. Practice on ice is bilinqual (Finnish + English), so in order to finish your training please enroll to "Koulutusretki".

Content of the theory part:

  • - General information about Nordic skating

  • - Ice knowledge, ice safety

  • - Skating technique

  • - Equipment

  • - During the session you will have the opportunity to ask and discuss any other questions you may have about Nordic skating

Preparation and equipment for the theory session

  • - When registering, participants will receive a link to the zoom session and to the lecture material (in Finnish), which they can read in advance.

  • - If you wish, you can take notes with you to the session.

  • - Questions on Nordic skating can be considered in advance.

Helsinki Skating pays a licence fee for each participant to the SRL