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Exercise vouchers

  • Exercise vouchers used in Helsinki Retkiluistelu:

    • Epassi, which also works as a means of payment directly in the online shop.

    • Smartum, which is also available in the online shop.

    • Edenred. Look for instructions below.

    You can use a mobility voucher:

  • for training

  • for an excursion

  • to rent equipment

  • for a gift voucher, which extends the life of the voucher. In the summer season, the voucher can also be used for canoeing, for example

    1. Open the MyEdenred app or browser version and start by selecting 'Create Mobile Payment' or clicking on the map banner.

    2. Select an Edenred network location from MyEdenred by the name or location of Helsingin Retkiluistelu (the app will show nearby locations if your phone has the location feature enabled).

    3. Check that you are making a payment from Virike and select 'Create a mobile payment'.

    4. Enter the amount you want to pay + €5 in the app (Edenred will take its own. Please note the payment limits for the benefits).

    5. In the additional information field, specify the service you are paying for and the date of payment.


    7. Send the receipt by e-mail to: tuomas@helsinginretkiluistelu.fi

  • If you have paper vouchers, please email tuomas@helsinginretkiluistelu.fi