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Guided skating trip for our group

Helsinki offers a great setting for ice skating - you won't find anything like it in any other capital city in the world. The best skating areas in Helsinki are located off Vuosaari.

This is an easy, fun and safe way to skate with friends or family. Enjoy the beauty and peace of winter nature with an experienced and trained guide. No training or previous skating experience is required.

Skating is usually done with skis and safety equipment. These may be included in the price of the excursion. Sometimes, even ice-skates or skates for ice hockey or bowls can be used on natural tracks.

Let us know your wishes and we will tailor a package to suit you!

Join us on the excursion

You should dress appropriately for the excursion. You can make sure you're warm by wearing layers, but you can also lighten up if necessary. We recommend a base layer, wool or fleece jacket, windproof trousers and jacket, gloves and a hat. It is a good idea to take a drink and some refreshments with you.

Skating equipment can be hired from Helsinki Retkiluistel. The basic equipment includes safety equipment and skates that attach to your footwear. Most camping shoes will fit our skates. For skating comfort, it is essential that the shoes have a sturdy and high ankle. Traditional ski mountaineering boots and soft-ankled hiking boots are not suitable for backcountry skiing. Video about hiking boots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHqI4VIkg-8

If you would like to skate with your own skating boots, please specify the type of binding for your boots when booking: BC, SNS (pilot), NNN (Prolink, Turnamic). Some footwear can also be rented from us. Please ask for them separately.


We prefer to skate in the stunning seascapes of East Helsinki. The starting point is the premises of Helsingin Retkiluistelun at Kallvikinniementie 35, 00980 Helsinki. Google Maps

You can leave your car at the P-park of the Culture Centre Sofia. Walk behind a light-coloured brick building, turn left and walk along the beach for about 50 m. Here you will find the Helsinki Retkiluistelu's offices, toilets (at the beginning and end of the tour) and a sheltered place to adjust your equipment.

This video has more detailed instructions: arriving at Helsinki Retkilu Skating.

Please note that expedition skating is always done on nature's terms. The conditions may sometimes make it necessary to change the starting point or time.

You will be informed of this in a separate message. Please follow up the email before you leave.

Formore information. Suggested content of the excursion

Duration: 2-3 hours


Guidance language: Finnish, Swedish, English, French (Russian, Spanish, German)

Skating area: particularly strong and safe ice can be chosen as skating area.

Level of difficulty: The level of difficulty of the excursion will be adjusted according to the experience level and wishes of the group. The aim is for everyone to enjoy the skating, the winter ice and the scenery.

Please note that skating excursions are always carried out under the conditions of nature. Due to circumstances, the starting point or time may sometimes have to be postponed or cancelled. This rarely happens. In the event of cancellation, the booking fee will be refunded.

Included in the price: guiding, safety report and accident insurance. Additional price for skating and safety equipment: skates, skates, whistle, ice poles, ice thickness gauge, throwing rope with extension cord, rucksack with hip belt and crotch straps, 2 dry bags, board.

The excursion can also include e.g. catering/grilling, professional ice skills training, work community training, sound rehabilitation, etc.

Sports benefits.

Ask for the Edenred user guide by e-mail.

To takewith you:

A change of clothes, a picnic lunch and a hot drink.

Recommended accessories: knee and elbow pads, helmet, break jacket, safety/sunglasses, mobile phone, money for emergencies, paper towels.