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Pop-up rental

Hire of Nordic skates or a kicksled

Experience the ice with ease! Our mobile rental offers quality Nordic skates, boots kicksleds, expert service and safety equipment - all ready for you in the best natural surroundings. The skating area is pre-scouted and delimited. Join us for a winter experience!

The rental fee 20 € / 2h includes:

Hiking skates + boots


Kicksled + slip-resistant shoes

Place and time

Place and time are subject to change. The rental company moves to the best ice at the time. At the moment the rental equipments are at Järvenpää Rantapuisto Restaurant Huili https://maps.app.goo.gl/aJnRuzRkgfEcHPrr7

Opening hours

The rental office´s opening hours follow the restaurant´s opening hours Järvenpään ravintola Huili - Aukioloajat


The rental equipment is used in a restricted area or on a ploughed trail.

Insurance: Helsingin Retkiluistelu has accident insurance for its customers. However, in principle, skating or walking on ice is at your own risk.